[SIST Seminar] Data-driven Multiscale Methods and Their Applications in Porous Media

ON2020-12-08TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: Lecture

Speaker:   Prof. JIANG Lijian

Time:       10:00-11:00, Dec. 10

Location:  SIST 1A 106

Host:        Prof. LIAO Qifeng



In the talk, I will present two data-driven multiscale finite element methods: (1) dynamic mode decomposition and deep learning based CEM-GMsFEM for nonlinear multiscale dynamic system; (2) ensemble based GMsFEM for multiscale stochastic problems. Some applications in porous media flows will be presented.



姜立建,现为同济大学数学教授。 2012年获得国家海外高层次青年人才计划支撑。主要研究方向是多尺度方法及其不确定性量化,在SIAM系列杂志, Journal of Computational PhysicsComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering等科学计算和交叉学科杂志发表论文40多篇。 现担任应用数学综合期刊Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics和《数值计算与计算机应用》的编委。