[Movie] Hi, Mom

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Hi, Mom

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy

Director: Ling Jia

Writer: Yu Bu, Ling Jia, Jibin Sun, Yu Wang, Honglu Liu, Yupeng Guo

Language(s): Mandarin

Running time: 128 minutes

Synopsis: After her mother Li Huanying is fatally injured in a car accident in 2001, grief-stricken Jia Xiaoling finds herself transported back in time to the year 1981, where she becomes her mother's close friend. Jia Xiaoling feels that she has not been a good enough daughter in the present, so back in 1981 she does all she can to make Li Huanying happy, including setting her up with a factory manager's son, Shen Guanglin, in the hope of giving her mother a better husband, a better daughter, and a better life than she had the first time around.



Ticketing Info

Time: March 5 (Fri.) 17:00-18:30

Location: ShanghaiTech Conference Center

Price: FREE (please bring your ShanghaiTech ID to GET the ticket FOR FREE)



Date & Time

March 5 (Fri.) 18:30



ShanghaiTech Conference Center


Please note that no food or soft drinks in the theater. (Water is allowed.)